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Alcoholics Curewell

Alcoholics Curewell

Zero Alcohol Drink

(ZAD)In Essence

2011 Revised Edition.

BY: Valerian Texeira

Zero Alcohol Drink (ZAD) basically represents a unique, simple and safe low-alcohol drinking treatment to get rid of alcohol dependence popularly known as “alcohol addiction” I discovered it during the year 1999-2000, which thankfully removed or “ cured” my previous 15 years of chronic alcohol dependency or the so called alcoholic disease therefore its title “Alcoholics Curewell”.

It led me to devise this step by step alcohol minimizing method, which I named as Zero alcohol Drink (ZAD). I believe, any alcohol dependent person in general can successfully get rid of his/her alcohol dependence or any such serious alcohol(ism) problems by adopting to this simple low-alcohol drinking method, which in “essence” as follows:

“Whenever taking to drink alcohol, always mix (or simultaneously consume) ‘progressively adequate proportion’ of appetizing non-alcoholic beverages to reduce its alcohol content sufficiently to safe enough lower levels and drink it stomach-full, for satiety”!--- In other words, people while in the alcohol dependence never to consume those potentially “dangerous” high-alcohol (generally around 5% and above) beverages, instead always to consume sufficiently enough of the “safe” low-alcohol (preferably around 2% or less alcohol content by volume) beverages having the appealing, delicious taste and flavor that primarily fulfills its drinkers overall drink satiety desire so successfully prevents them from falling into the excessive alcohol consumption and from the serious alcohol(ism) problems.

Please Note: This ZAD in “essence” provides sufficient enough information for an average person to know, understand, how to enable anyone to come out of their Alcohol Dependence. One need not read any further into its research paper Titled “Zero Alcohol Drink Alcohol Detoxification Clinicle Therapy (ZAD-ADCT)” given below, unless they want to know more of its research details. It is mainly to shows all my research study efforts in this matter.

Further study into this matter led me to the finding of a major “Alcohol Research Misconduct”, which is what I strongly contend as the “Root-Cause” of all the serious alcohol(ism) problems including the drunk driving. One can find its most important papers published in my another blog site

Zero Alcohol Drink

Alcohol Detoxification Clinical Therapy


“Alcohol-related death and disability account for even greater costs to life and longevity than those caused by tobacco use, according to the global burden of disease study sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank. This study puts alcohol’s global health impact on a par with unsafe sex and above tobacco in terms of its contribution to the total number of years of life lost to death and disability as recorded in Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs). In addition to chronic diseases that may affect drinkers after many years of heavy use, alcohol contributes to traumatic outcomes that kill or disable at a relatively young age, resulting in the loss of many years of life to death or disability.”—WHO, Global Alcohol Database 2006.[4]


After suffering from a long 15 years of alcohol “Dependence” Syndrome[5] or alcoholism[6,7] as defined in the ICD-10[8] and DSM-IV[9], all these years failing miserably to keep on my total abstinence resolve and falling back into that same decadent “relapse”; lately then I was earnestly started trying to explore some alternative ways to this “total abstinence” to come out of my alcohol dependence without having to abstain from my alcohol drink. In other words, I badly needed to continue with my alcohol drink but at the same time desperately trying to get rid of my alcohol dependence or the “addiction”, which is what I used to call it then. (To know more on this please read the forward of my ZAD book given in the Alcoholics Curewell website[10]). Finally, wonderfully enough I found a simple and successful alcohol minimizing lower-alcohol beverage (LAB) drinking method, (“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”) that within some days had gradually removed my almost 15 years of alcohol dependence. All my alcohol “craving”, “impaired (loss of) control”, alcohol physical dependence (withdrawals) tolerance all it symptoms[7] syndrome[5] have completely gone. (I had severe alcoholism symptoms or the dependence syndrome and many of those reckless behavioural anecdotes, besides I was brewing and distilling the alcohol when I could not afford to buy it, of course only for my private use.) I became able to successfully come out of my alcohol dependence while continue to drink alcohol by adapting to this lower-alcohol beverage drinking!

Obviously, my above finding stands in sharp contrast with the prevailing alcoholism diagnostic prevention, treatment, and recovery doctrines, promulgated by the worldwide alcoholism prevention and treatment concerns specially the leading world health Establishments; WHO and the USDHHS. They declare in general that the “substance (alcohol) dependence syndrome” manifests in: “often strong, sometimes overpowering” [8] ‘psychoactive drug desire’ (“craving”) and “Not being able to stop drinking once drinking has begun”[9] due to its “impaired (loss of) control” symptoms. Therefore it is not possible to the alcohol “dependent” alcoholics to come out of their alcoholism while continue to drink alcohol. It basically implies that the only option so far for the alcohol dependents (alcoholics) to get recovery from their ‘alcohol dependence’ lies fundamentally in the ‘total abstinence’ from drinking alcohol. They claim; “alcoholism is a chronic…disease”… “Alcoholism cannot be cured”[6,7], “Cutting down” on drinking doesn’t work; ‘cutting out alcohol is necessary for a successful recovery’ etc. So, by all these accounts it seems in my case, I had proven them wrong. Some how I found a complete CURE for the alcoholism. Since adapting to this new low-alcohol drinking strategy, I became absolutely able to control my alcohol consumption to such a minimum levels which is far below than the establishments moderate, low-risk or the safe drinking limits promulgations[11, 12], nevertheless I continue to fully enjoy my alcohol drinking. I named my newly found lower-alcoholic beverage drinking technique or strategy for the prevention, treatment and complete cure for alcohol dependence/addiction (alcoholism) as the Zero Alcohol Drink (ZAD) “Method” and latter as the “ZAD Practice”.

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